The Raw Energy Of

Bodies to coalesce as liquid metals. Is the
beginnings of something. None of this is
an end in itself. So it’s
always beginning. It’s the
energy that let’s us sense the pushing of our skin:
Electric force and moving,
The Atomic Spin.


I used to wonder If
our thoughts are ultimately electrical impulses
moving through physical body.
How much of our memories,
ultimately consciousness,
do we keep
when we return to pure energy
Only to be reborn/up-taken/etc. in other physical forms.

It’s like with the internal force in an individual atom:
The force is a function of the
relationship between
The Two Particles.

Maybe our thoughts are the product
of the electric/chemical interaction and
have existence only in that sense:
Not so much the teeth of a gear, but rather a turn of it.
After it is turned,
that particular turn will never reappear,
could never reappear, although
the gear will be in that
exact same state a million times over again, except
in respect to time.
If the energy was to be
if would just mean no more turns at all, and
be used by something else,
somewhere else.
Randomly and without memory.